Sunday, June 15, 2008

What I learned from my father

Talk Like a Lady:

Back in high school my sister and I were talking to each other, goofing around and being a little crass, my dad looked at me in disgust and told me that "I sounded like I worked out on the docks". My sister and I got a good laugh about if for weeks, we even still say those words to each other in jest. The simple phrase has rung in my ears all these years every time I start to talk a little crude and I realize how I sound.

Hard Work Will Take You Far:

My dad has worked for Chevron basically all his working life. He started out "working on the docks" so he knows how they talk out there. Through hard work, dedication and loyalty, he has moved his way up through Chevron with countless promotions and raises, and two transfers, one to California and then to Texas. My dad is highly respected in his job and when he recently received a promotion, I was able to read all the great things his co-workers and bosses had to say about him.

Take Care of Your Things:

My dad didn't grow up with a whole lot, how can you when you have 8 siblings? He takes great care of everything he has. Everything has a spot, and he actually puts those things back in their spot when he is done with them.


Save and invest for your future, he has done it all his life. In a few years he will retire and will live very comfortably the rest of his life, not having to worry if they will have enough.


My dad was the inspiration behind running a marathon. My dad ran a few marathons and even a super marathon or was it and ultra marathon? I think it was 36 miles. My dad has been in good shape and good health all his life. He injured his back quite a few years ago and was no longer able to run, so he picked up roller blading. I don't think he roller blades anymore, but he has always kept himself in shape through basketball, biking, running, etc.

This One, I haven't leaned, but it is amazing!

My dad seriously has an internal GPS system in his head. He can drive anywhere and know where to go, even if he has never been there before. He has never lived in Utah before, on a visit out here years ago, he took a drive out on the west side. About a year later, we bought a house in West Jordan. When I called to tell my dad where we bought a house, he asked me if it was east or west of Bangerter Highway. Ok, I thought, Bagnerter is a pretty big landmark, one might remember that road. When I told him the addres, he told me it sounded like it was near Airport 2. I had never even heard of Airport 2, I thought he was making it up or something. A few days later, Michael and I were driving around our 'soon to be neighborhood' and found none other than Airport 2. How did he know that??? Crazy!

I love you dad!

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Dan and Dee said...

such a sweet entry! You do have good parents, and a great dad.
I am with my father right now and it is so sweet. I cut his hair yesterday and it looked like white puffs on the floor. I wish I had taken a picture.
Cherish the moments!

Darling little dancers by the way.

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