Friday, June 13, 2008

I found my dream home

It's not for sale, and I don't even know where this home is. It just looks so peaceful and relaxing. At night Michael and I would watch the sunset with a cup of herbal tea and the kids would be running around playing tag or riding their bikes. Out past the house you would see a cow, some sheep and maybe a goat grazing, and of course a flock of chickens. Each morning we would be awoken by the crow of a rooster. Mornings would be spent cleaning the house, collecting eggs, feeding the animals, milking the cow. We would spend our weekends working in the garden, churning butter and maybe making some cheese. There would be a big cool barn that is filled with crafts and local artists would come and teach art classes, quilt classes, wool spinning classes. In the spring we would sheer the sheep, card the wool, spin it and knit it into something beautiful. And life would just float by peacefully and happily. Did I mention I love to dream?


m. said...

i spend a lot of time daydreaming too. where is your dream place?

marisa said...

Maybe Austin or Bozeman Montana, I really like Salt Lake as well, if I could find a place like that around here (for a reasonable price) it would be awesome.

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