Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Little Distinguished Cub

I'm one proud mama. In order to get the Distinguished Cub Award the kids have a list of about 15 tasks and they need to master at least 12 of them in order to get the award. Way to go Reece!

After I was taking this picture, one of the kids in Reece's class and I had the following conversation.

Thomas: Hey, Mrs. J
Me: Hey Thomas
Thomas: Reece ROCKS!
Me: Cool
Thomas: No, Reece really rocks, he is so cool, everything he does is cool. I think he is the most popular kid in the class, everyone likes him.
Me: Really! That's good to know.

I promise, I'm not the mom that wants my kid to be the most popular, and I'm not going to force my kids to go on diets and get a nose job, be a cheerleader, and not allow them to break up with their boyfriend because he was the captain of the football team (seriously there was a girl in my high school who's mom did all those things to her). But, it just makes me feel good that my kid has friends and that kids think he's cool. Maybe it is because I always wanted to be the cool kid in school, but with my huge buck-teeth and triangle permed head and huge bangs, I never could achieve that.


Christy said...

Congratulations Reece! You are pretty cool! Good job on earning your distinguished cub award. Mrs. Rees

Kathy said...

it is a great thing when your child is loved by other kids, eh? very good feeling. way to go reece!

m. & m. said...

I will now force Elijah to be friends with Reece. It should make the $500 I spent on whitenening his teeth and the twice a day weight lifting worth it... anything I can do to help my kid to the top.

Holly Reed | Reed Photographic said...

That's funny and really sweet. And don't feel bad about your triangle hair. I had it too - but my mom was a licensed stylist - and she still did that to me.

Jan said...

You make me laugh Marisa! Good Job Reece!

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