Wednesday, June 25, 2008


This is what I have accomplished so far today. Poor Maya has no PJ's, she wears mis-matched pajamas that are too small for her. She loves to wear my T-shirts and thinks they are nightgowns. I found some fabric that was only $2 a yard and made her a nightgown, the other one will be purple, and I will hopefully get it finished sometime this week.
She's modeling it for me, and what better accessory is there than a bunny backpack?
Oh, and of course about 30 necklaces and bracelets as well.

I shot the next picture of her yesterday, some days she just cracks me up, other days she makes me want to crawl into my room and never come out. Is that just the way it is with girls?

She was making all sorts of goofy faces for me, I thought this one was funny.


Holly Reed | Reed Photographic said...

So funny - what a character. I love the t shirt night gowns.

Vanalee said...

Hide in your room??? Allyson would get me so worked up I would go in my room and lock the door, then go in the bathroom and lock that door and then I'd get in the closet and shut the door. This was for her protection, not mine. I would sit in the closet until I calmed down, this always involved a prayer for more patience. Then when I had calmed down I would go back out and be a better mother. This whole process never took very long, but it always worked. She knew I was upset when I did it and usually she would calm down, too.

marisa said...

I think I need a bigger house, I don't have that many barriers!

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