Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Repurposed Item

I have recently become addicted to a blog, blue yonder. She is having a contest that ends, tonight. I am such a procrastinator!!! Anyways, you post about a repurposed item that you have created.

I LOVE garage sales, I just can't pass up inexpensive treasures. There is so much potential in peoples junk, and it is great to browse and dream of the great things they can become. Plus, my husband and I have made quite a bit of money on some things we have picked up at garage sales. We once got a couple golf clubs at a yard sale, posted them on ebay and sold them for $50 each. We also bought a beer maker for a couple of dollars at a yard sale, intending to use it for root beer. We never did make it, but we sold it on ebay for $30.

Being able to make money on yard sales is a fun bonus, but my real love of yard sales comes from saving great items from the landfill, and having a fabulous addition to my home decor.

Michael happened to be with me when I found this particular repurposed item. He knows I have a weakness for frames, and tries to deter me from buying more of them. When I spotted a 30"x55" dark brown frame with a print of a cabin set in the woods, no other colors but brown were used, different shades of brown (these prints were ever so popular in the '80's), he was adamant that we did NOT buy it. I understand why he didn't want me to get it, for one, it is huge. We also have a ton of frames that are not currently being used, and it was ugly!!!! The frame had nice clean lines, and I knew I could just pop the print out, or paint right on top of it. It was perfect, and for only $1 it was a steal of a deal!

I debated what to do with it, and decided to paint the frame white, and put chalk board paint right on top of the print. I hang it in my kitchen and have used it to post the meals for the week, but currently I like to put quotes that I enjoy on it.

(Of course, no offense to organized people!)


m. & m. said...

As you know - I LOVE this idea!!! I didn't realize it was that huge though! Because of your great idea, every time I see one of those ugly hard prints in huge frames I am tempted to make yet another chalkboard for our many chalkboards is too many?

Shannon said...

When I saw this in your kitchen and it had the articles of faith i was in love with it!
I want one so bad!

stressedkris said...

I love it! I am a fairly organized person and I love the saying!!! You are so talented and cretive. I don't think I could have ever seen something so cute in an old frame.

Dan and Dee said...

I LOVE garage sales, always have. Dan calls them "garbage sales". Who asked him?
They don't have them in Russia (I go through withdrawls)
Here in Russia they don't have a lot of "extra's" They live the old philosophy of "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without."

I love what you did with the frame "you didn't need."

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