Friday, April 11, 2008

Flashback Friday: Punky Bruster

I LOVED Punky Bruster as a kid, I wanted to be her so badly. Looking back, I'm not sure why, maybe because of the great outfits or her amazing room that she supposedly painted herself. I never could understand why my mom didn't want me to paint my own room, Punky did such a great job! If I remember correct Punky was left at the grocery store by her mom, and somehow cranky old Henry found her. I wanted to be her? I can still sing the entire theme song, I linked it yesterday for your listening and viewing pleasure.

Below is a picture of me and my California friend Megan, not to be confused with my crazy Texas friend Megan. You can see us sporting our "punky" 80's outfits. My mom bought me the leggings and Megan liked them so much, she got some for her too. The outfit is just not complete without the jean skirt, side ponytail and different color shoes.

I swore that leggings would NEVER make a comeback, but I am eating my words. The saddest thing about it all is that I actually think the leggings are cute. Just shoot me now.

Well, my daughter has a little of this punky style in her. I have been letting her dress herself lately and I have been so overjoyed by what she puts together, it just makes me so happy.

My favorite item in this outfit is of course the tights.

And of course, this outfit would not be complete without the ladybug rain boots. Notice in the top right corner of the picture is my yoga frog doing tree pose.
Mason wanted to get in on the picture taking action which is very unusual, so I took the opportunity. I thought his pose was cute, but I hope he doesn't end up being a cheerleader, I think right after this he was doing spirit fingers.

Isn't she beautiful?

Do you let your kids (husbands included he he he) dress themselves?


morgan fam said...

Love the creative attire! I think her self expression is wonderful. She reminds me of her mom a little. Ya think? Your kids are beautiful, just like their mother.

Holly Reed | Reed Photographic said...

Oh Punky..... I didn't watch her when I was a kid but my friends did (my parents did not believe in cable) and I so remember the style.
Your daughter is adorable. I love the leggings.

m. & m. said...

I don't really let my boys dress themselves - they'd put on dirty laundry and sweaters midsummer if I did.

I loved punky.

m. said...

she is so pretty..
flynn does demand to pick out his clothes some days, & always has to "try" to put his own pants & shoes on. & most days he will not leave the house unless he is in his rubber boots. i love it though..

Traci Gunn said...

Marisa I was a BIG Punky Brewster fan. I watched it everyday and even dressed like her when I was little. When I was in the 6th and 7th grade I had this boy I always hung out with and his mom gave me the nickname Punky Brewster, she said I looked just like her lol. I still occassionally run into his mom and she still refers to me as Punky. On the other part of the subject yes I do let my boys dress themselves sometimes I do offer a little motherly advice though.

Chelsea Pratt said...

You are right...she is totally in style. I need to be more liberal with my kids, but they don't have as much fashion sense and don't put together outfits that cute. They usually choose an old soccer jersey that is neon green or something. Loved the comment about your son being a cheerleader...he totally has the finger thing down. Scary. (Not that being a man cheerleader is a bad thing)

marisa said...

Holly, you really missed out, I think you need to rent the episodes. Actually I did rent them recently, I couldn't stand watching it but my kids loved it.

Megh, I think all I want to buy Maya is rubber boots right now, I just love them.

Traci, I think I found a new nickname for you, it is perfect for you.

Chelsea, if I had as great of style as you, I wouldn't let my kids dress themselves either.

stressedkris said...

I loved Punky Bruster as well. I'm sorry I haven't caught up on your blog until now. I am having to start letting my kids dress themselves. Although I am doing it with a lot of hesitation and motherly advice.
Maya always looks cute! I think you are great for letting her express herself!

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