Saturday, March 15, 2008

Princesses on Ice

Thursday night my neighbor April and I took our girls to Disney's Princesses on Ice. It was SO much fun, I think I had as much fun as Maya did.

Hayley, Kenzie, and Maya

This right here amazes me. How do they skate around first off, but how do they do it with these huge costumes covering their face.

Ariel and Eric, but the best acrobatics were Jasmin and Aladdin, they had some amazing stunts.

I can't wait till next year!
This clip isn't very long, but it just shows some of the amazing tricks they did!


Brandi Salway said...

I am totally jealous! I wanted to go, but my Maya is still kind of young. It looks so fun. I want to go with you next year.

Christy said...

I am jealous too. I wanted to go and I don't even have a little girl. Kevin wouldn't take me. Meanie!

dee said...

I took Candace and friends when she was in h.s. so I guess it never gets old!
It was a first for me.
Just got caught up with your blogs. Keep them coming. I enjoy reading about your fun family!
Oh, and I am a firm believer of nat. child birth-at least for me... You are alert and I think heal faster-baby is attentive immediately, etc. However, if you have low pain tolerance, pain meds are the only way to go! Whatever makes you happy :)

Vanalee said...

Does Maya want ice skating lessons now?? She looks so darling!!! Her hair is amazing.

Kathy said...

oh my heavens - my girls would LOVE that. i need to check if it's going to be on here. what a GREAT mother/daughter outing!!!!

marisa said...

Brandi and Christy, next year we will all go together. It will be fun.

Vanalee, Maya hasn't asked about skating lessons yet, but I want to put her in them!

Dee, I'm sure a lot of people think you are crazy for believing in natural child birth, I know they think the same thing about me. But, like you said, the recovery is so much faster and my babies weren't lethargic after birth. To each his own!

stressedkris said...

I wish I would have known you were going. My mom sister and I took our girls on Thursday night as well. It was an amazing show.

m. & m. said...

I have no frame of reference for things like this - it just makes me laugh! Our equivalent is the monster truck show, I think. I hope someday to be able to get into some of this princess stuff!

Syphus Family said...

Looks like fun! We took the kids to the Diego Live Show last night and they loved it!

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