Monday, March 31, 2008

The Challenge

I have accepted a challenge from a church leader, for one week I will:

  • Not watch TV
  • Cell Phone use for business and emergencies
  • Not watch movies
  • Listen to the radio only for uplifting and inspiring music
  • Read only wholesome literature, or things for work
  • Limit the time spent away from my family
  • Limit the time spent with friends, and focus on spending time with family
  • Not be engaged in computer entertainment, including email and internet surfing.
These activities will be replaced with better things throughout this week. I'm very excited about this challenge. With that said, I will not be updating my blog until the following Monday with an update on how my week went. Wish me luck!



Nora Mair said...

The computer/internet would be my hardest thing. I shouldn't even comment because how will you know? I'll call you on your land line.....hehehe O I'll see you at book club--Oh Book Club??? Ya comin'?

dee said...

we didn't get to hear conference (it is at 4:00 AM or something like that here. Dan tried to listen first thing this morning-our Sunday, your Sat. & it wouldn't come through.
Good luck with your challenge!
I could do the cell phone no problem...I don't know about the rest. I felt good that I gave up any TV on Sunday, but no TV at all...ugh, no DVD's, I have to listen to this talk...

m. & m. said...

Come back! We Babylonians miss you!

Stephanie said...

waiting for the update on how your week went...

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