Monday, February 11, 2008

ooooo..sledding at the cabin

My friend Nora invited me and the kids to go sledding up at her cabin last week. Reece has been off track for 3 weeks (a perk of year round school), I knew it would be a great way to end the break. Some of my friends questioned why I needed to drive an hour to go sledding when I could take the kids .2 miles away to go sledding. There is just something about going up to the cabin in Kamas that sooths me.
My theory is that if I'm far enough away from my house I don't hear it calling me back, reminding me of how messy it is, begging me to finish painting the kitchen that I started spackling, or nagging me to caulk and paint the new baseboards we put up. I can't hear the call of my house if I'm far enough away from it, I can relax, no emails to check, no pictures to edit, no floors to vacuum, etc.

Another perk of sledding up at the cabin is that they have a great sun room that faces the sledding hill. So, I can be in the sun room sipping hot cocoa while Reece is sledding the afternoon away.

Here are a few more shots from the afternoon.

This little runt decided the 6 feet of powder was a little too intimidating and decided to stay inside.

Maya would sit on a sled as long as it wasn't on a hill.

Jada was in dog heaven, there were acres of land to run around and explore. She is checking the run to make sure the path is clear, what a great dog.

It can get pretty tiring.

Now she is playing watch dog. Good girl.

Here comes Reece.

Agh, who needs to see? Seeing is over rated.

And here is Addie Joe, when is she not cute?

And then came Nora

But wait, she has a little runt tucked in front.

Sometimes I wonder who likes sledding more, Nora or her kids? I think the answer is in her expression.

Ahhhh, the cabin.


Kathy said...

oh my gosh - i love sledding - that looks like a blast! good times. i love winter!

Nora Mair said...

I would have looked cooler had I put the glasses down. I'm going to steal those for sure. It WAS a great time. Thanks for coming up!

Hatch Building Co. said...

oooohh - that looks so fun!! And I can totally see why you would want to go sledding there versus home - there's just something about getting away that can make a memory so much more special.

The pictures are great!! How many times did you go down the hill?


marisa said...

I went down half the hill once. Maya wouldn't go up any further than that, then she was done.

The Peake Family said...

Snow! Some days I wish we had some then other not.. Looks like you had tons of fun. I would enjoy watching from the sun room also. I hate being cold!

By the way, did Julie H. move?

marisa said...

Nope, Julie hasn't moved. She just got called to be Primary President. Kristi B. is moving to Ohio though.

Amber said...

That hill looks awesome! I'm sad I missed out, but next year I won't be huge prego and I can enjoy the hill as much as Nora did!

Syphus Family said...

What fun! Sometimes I miss the snow...but usually not!

Robyn said...

Oh-how fun. I wish the pink eye hadn't kept me home. You're right about the cabin being a great escape, and it is so beautiful there. I love the pics of Nora sledding and Jada.

Cameron said...

Sounds like life is so rough Mar... you have your house calling you home, but your husband is at work for 8+ hours a day and you are at your cabin sipping hot chocolate in the mountains! ROUGH LIFE... just kidding, i know you do a lot... but so does he! Movie tomorrow night? we're really feeling Step up 2, the streets. I told a friend we are going Sat. evening, he told me to sleep until then so I don't have to wait anxiously for that moment.

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