Friday, February 8, 2008

Haircut part II

Is my haircut a little too much like Ramona Quimby???


Kathy said...

no - she has bangs :) but really - not at all. and i LOVED those books! i'm going to start reading them with hannnah soon.

Christy said...

Or maybe a little bit like Junie B. Jones.

chelsea said...

Marissa, I love short hair...of course, I am partial, but I always feel so brave when I walk around with my short locks. As long as the hair is feminine (you know what I mean), then I always prefer short hair to long. It's weird how so many girls are too scared to cut their hair short. Of course, they just say "it wouldn't look good on me" but we both know that's just an excuse! WIMPS.

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