Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Scare of My Life

Today, I had the scare of my life. I actually pictured other mothers shaking their heads, as they watched the news, whispering "what an unfit mother."

I put my kids down for "rest time", we changed 'nap time' to 'rest time' to encompass my children that no longer require naps. That way I still get a few minuets of time to myself during the day. I put Mason in his bed, sang him a few songs, and gave him a kiss. I put on a movie for Maya in the playroom gave her a kiss and told her I was going to hop in the shower.

I got out of the shower, got dressed, and started putting on makeup. I realized it was pretty quiet and figured Mason was asleep. I went into his room to check on him.

He wasn't there.

I went into Maya's room to see if he was playing in there.

He wasn't there.

I thought, "Oh, that little stinker, he snuck into the playroom to play with Maya."

He wasn't there, and Maya hadn't seen him.

I checked the rest of the house.

He was NOWHERE to be seen.

At this point my stomach is turning and I'm getting pretty nervous. I checked the doors, all of them were locked, there was no way he could have gotten outside. Then I thought of the possibility of him being kidnapped. This is where the thoughts of being on the news came into play. How could I ever forgive myself for taking a shower while the kids are left unattended?!?!?! Maybe I AM an unfit mother. In my own defense, I do sacrifice privacy and leave the door open while I shower so I can hear what is going on, or if they really needed me they could come and get me.

I checked all of the windows. They were locked, would a kidnapper really take the time to lock us back in? He would if he was smart! But, it wasn't likely, so at this point I realized he had to be in the house, now I just had to figure out where.

I found him asleep under Maya's bed. For the picture, I pulled up the bedskirt.


Hatch Building Co. said...

That is terrifying! I'm with you though on how to strike a proper balance of mom time and alone time. I think the fact that you actually consider taking a shower 'alone time' - says a lot about what a great mom you are. You're not asking for hours upon end to watch TV, talk on the phone, etc. You just want to be clean:)

Glad Mason was ok - it really does look like a fun place to snooze away!

Kathy said...

how did you even think to look under there???? was he snoring??? i would have been FREAKING out too. seriously. but please - you are NOT a bad mom for wanting to shower. at least you do :)

Mike said...

Once I realized he wasn't in plain sight, I started checking places like the bathtub, closets and under beds.

Yes, I do get to take a shower every now and then to help me from smelling like a Rhino! (refer to Kathy's blog for more details)

Kathy said...

yeah - just don't tell your kids that before heading out in public :)

Syphus Family said...

Oh my goodness! How scary! But at least you got a good picture to document the event!

Amber said...

I had the same thing happen to me, but I was babysitting Riley Gunn from next door! The kids were playing really well together, and I thought there was no harm in taking a quick shower. Usually I check on Dallin as soon as I get out, but not wanting to scare or scar Riley, I got dressed first. Good thing I did, because Traci was sitting in my living room with the boys when I went downstairs! The boys had fought, so Riley let himself out the locked front door and went home, with Dallin following him! Luckily they had only gone next door, and Traci had just gotten home. They could have been wandering the streets! So be glad that Mason was still in the house, and at least your neighbors don't think you're an unfit mother!

Sarah said...

OMGsh!! That would send a mom's heart straight to her stomach. I'm glad he was safe and sound.
ps. mom, it's OKAY to take a shower. ;)

dishes and laundry said...

How scary!! He just wanted a cozy spot for his nap. Kudos to Maya for having such a clean space under her bed!
Makes a person want a GPS tracker on their kids.

marisa said...

GPS on your kid doesn't sound to bad right now. I bet it would really come in handy once they are teenagers.

Kristi said...

I found Gwen under her bed once too...weird! You're a great mom! I leave Gwen unattended all the time while I shower...well...I put on Dora...she gets transfixed.

Chelsea Pratt said...

That is so unbelievable! The sad thing is, when that happens to me, he is never under the bed...he is usually down the street at the neighbors. You know they all shake their heads when they see me coming because I am definitely unfit...but in my defense, my son made me that way. I was fine until he came along.

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