Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Angry Chicken

If only my chickens were this smart!


Vanalee said...

I'm laughing!!!Thanks!!!What you can't train your chickens to do that????If I get my little chicken coop on my little balcony I could train them to do that right? I could get them to jump three stories and chase the boys going to the school down the street.

Kathy said...

that is so hilarious! what are they doing, chucking the chicken around the corners? that looks so hilarous - and the "translation" is just as funny to me!

Hatch Building Co. said...

How did they know that running away from a chicken would make you want to buy those shoes?


Chelsea Pratt said...

Thanks for the laugh...I love clever humor (rather than the farting and burping kind that is usually circulating around here!)

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