Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Re-purposed Shirt

So I've been inspired by all the re-purposed clothes I have seen on other blogs so I thought I would give it a try.

This is an old shirt that had a cute style and was still in good condition, but I just wasn't a fan of how it looked on me.


So I took in the top around the shoulders and the sides, and it is a perfect fit for Maya. It looks adorable with jeans or some leggings.



Leighanne Johnson said...

that's super cute! i have some things set aside to repurpose too but i think i need to wait till i have a toddler at least.... nice job!

Jennifer said...

OK, only super svelte you could make an outfit for your young daughter with only the slightest of modifications. What's next -- hand-me-ups? :)

Amber said...

You got skillz, woman!

Holly | Reed Photographic said...

Very creative!

Dan and Dee said...

you go girl! you rock!!!!

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