Thursday, December 11, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance

Maya is just so full of coordination and grace. I especially love her bum shake 35 seconds in, and the leg lift at about 1:40 (she gets her flexibility from me) and the hip circles at the end. She is in dance with 2 of her best friends and she loves every minute of it. I actually am very impressed with how well she did.


megan said...

Maya's dress is just like the one I'm going to wear to your house on New Year's! I look WAAAAY hot in it - you can barely tell I'm pregnant. Oh, did you know we're coming to your house that night?

BTW - that was really cute - and I like those little hip rolls/shakes too!

Vanalee said...

She is adorable and i am positive she gets her talent from you.

Holly | Reed Photographic said...

She has a bright future with the Rockettes :-)

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