Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Joys of Parenthood

A few years ago my mom gave me a book titled, "How To Live With Your Kids and Like Them", I think I'm going to have to open that book up.

A few nights ago, Maya was in the tub. I went to check on her and the tub was full of bubbles. I'm talking "Pretty Woman" in the tub scene kind of bubbles. (of course I've only seen the edited TV version) I'm not sure what kind of bubble bath she was using, but if you are like me and you follow the recommended amount of bubble bath, you know you get a few measly bubbles in the tub. To get that many bubbles, you have to use the entire bottle.

Well, apparently that is what she did. I buy the econo-size Dove shampoo from Sams, the thing is huge. I don't remember it being completely full, but I remember it being pretty heavy. I got the bottle to shampoo her hair, and the bottle was completely empty, completely. Now, remember this was the econo-size. She had used over half the bottle to make herself a luxurious bubble bath.

I was ticked, to say the least. I washed her hair with the suds, there were plenty of them, then used the water from the tub to rinse her hair. There was so much shampoo in the water that it would bubble up as I poured the water on her hair. I had to use fresh water from the tap to get the soap out, and lets just say I didn't use the warmest water I could have. The girl doesn't appreciate that I buy her nice shampoo, I could be buying her 99 cent Suave like I do for the boys. I was upset that my little 5 year old daughter didn't appreciate that I'm looking out for her beauty.

Anyways, I felt bad that I had rinsed her hair with cool water and decided that wasn't the best punishment for the crime. I needed to think of a natural consequence for her behavior. I talked to her and we decided that she would buy a new bottle of shampoo to replace the one she wasted. We talked about how we should just use what we need and not be wasteful. So Maya and I took a little date to the grocery store, she had her $5 bill in her purse. We chose a shampoo that was affordable for her and acceptable to me. We get up to pay at the self check-out and I helped her feed her $5 bill in the machine. Seconds later, out popped her change. As she grabbed her $2 and 20 cents, her eyes got big and they lit up with glee. She exclaimed, "I got TWO DOLLARS BACK! I only had to put one dollar in and I got two back!!!" In the eyes of a five year old, two is better than one. She went on to explain that she was going to buy shampoo every time we went to the store. I explained that in actuality she had five dollars before and now only had two. She must not have listened or understood because when she got home she excitedly told Michael all about how she got $2 back. AGHHHH, so much for my natural consequences.

OK, I'm going to backtrack a second. After I got all the shampoo out of Maya's hair, I drained the tub. I went downstairs to put a load of laundry in (which you can see all over my floor in the video) and you will see what happened.... click the video.


Kathy said...

are you mad that i'm laughing? sorry - i guess it's not funny if you have to deal with it! my girls did the same thing once - but it was only like 1/2 bottle of regular shampoo, not an entire large bottle of shampoo. anyway - let us know how the book is. you'll look back someday on this and laugh. :)

Dan and Dee said...

I loved this blog and the one above it! Oh, the joys of motherhood! You have to just smile b/c it really is funny. I loved the money conversation. She can buy my shampoo anytime!
The bubbles in the toilet is a new one on me. What a hoot!!!!
yes, I can laugh b/c I am a gma!

Jade said...

It is pretty funny when it's someone else's kid. I didn't get it last week when everyone was laughing hysterically about my power problems either. But hey, maybe you've discovered a new, pampered way of cleaning after going to the bathroom? Good thing she's so cute.

stressedkris said...

Kimmie has done the same thing, over and over and over again. I get overly frustrated. So I completely understand. I now hide all the shampoo and body washes in a locked cabinet and pull it out just with adult supervision at bath times. I thought she had grown out of it and when we moved it started all over again. I hope that she learns the first time. BTW, I have used cold water too.

Holly | Reed Photographic said...

I feel you pain, lady. I feel it!

Stephanie said...

*going upstairs to hide ALL bottles of shampoo before noah does this to me, because i know he would*

also, i'm going to have to ask my plumber husband how the toilet thing happens. I know the drains and pipes are all connected somehow, but usually it only comes up through another one when the first drain is backed up and i wouldn't think bubbles would clog a drain...anyway, now my curiosity is peaked.

marisa said...

Steph, let me know what you find out about the drains.

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