Saturday, October 25, 2008

Rub a dub dub

My friend Holly has started making soaps, you can go to her site to view some of her products. Before I knew she had started soap making, she gave me some really cute soaps. I emailed her to thank her for them and asked her where she got them. She informed me that she had make them. I was in shock, she made a soap that looked and smelled like it had come straight from a boutique, and she said she could teach me how!

When Holly does something, she DOES IT, there is no halfway for her. She has a soap making room. A SOAP MAKING ROOM! I think I need one. This is the soap that we made, I decided to make it for Michael, it is wasabi flavor. It actually smells really good. This slab will be cut into 4 bars.

I think I found a new hobby, so don't be surprised if you get soap for your birthday or Christmas.


Kristi said...

Awesome! If you do get into it, you should do lemon flavored soap that looks like lemons. My friends mom always made that and it was my favorite. I don't know if she had a lemon mold or what, but it was shaped like a lemon and textured and then she would put a clove on the end so it just looked so much like a lemon. Loved it!

Amber said...

Wow, good job! As soon as you get a cow, you won't EVER have to go to the store- you can make everything yourself!

megan said...

I'm totally game for that for Christmas. But that probably means I have to give something to you too, doesn't it? How about a free photo session?

Holly | Reed Photographic said...

I am glad you're diggin' the soap. Anytime you want to come back and make more, I'm all for it. Don't forget to let it sit for about 3 weeks before you use it!

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