Friday, September 26, 2008


If you haven't heard, Houston is getting their power back. My parents got power just yesterday. My sister said she was freezing because of the AC, and it was so nice to see her room again.

A few days after the hurricane, most everyone was out of power. There were people working around the clock getting power back to everyone. My mom was driving past the high school and saw some workers that had come all the way from Florida. They were on their lunch break so they were all just standing around. She drove up to them and as she did, they all got a very annoyed look on their faces and started to grumble to each other. She rolled down her window and expressed how much she appreciated them coming all the way from Florida to help out. They looked at each other startled and replied a thank you and she drove off. It was obvious that these men had many people coming up to them asking them when their power would be back on, pleading their cases as to why they should be next to get power, and probably some complainers about how long it was taking to get power. From their response it was obvious that nobody thought to come up and thank them for their hard work, and for leaving their families to come to Houston to help.

What a great example of gratitude.

I challenge you to find someone that you don't normally say thank you to, and give them a heartfelt thank you.


Kathy said...

i totally agree that gratitude isn't shown nearly enough in the world. great post - and good for your mom :)

Nora Mair said...

I accept! Good for your mom.

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