Wednesday, July 2, 2008

First Day of Summer

Yes, I realize that it is not technically the first day of summer. I know it was sometime last month, but for our house hold it is the first day of summer. Yesterday was Reece's last day of school! Hallelujah! Doesn't it just seem odd that they had school up until July 1st?

To celebrate we spent the afternoon at the pool, and it was a perfect day for it, warm weather, light breeze, and the sun was blazing. On the way home I warned the kids that if they ever wanted to go back to the pool, they were required to have a 1 hour "rest time". This means, LEAVE MOM ALONE FOR ONE HOUR. I set the kitchen timer and let them know when they heard the buzz, they could come out, and there was going to be trouble if they came out before the buzzer.

The kids shuffled their feet, grumbled under their breath and hastily went to their rooms. I did a little reading, snacked on a few bite size candy bars, (and I wonder why those stubborn 5 lbs. won't melt off!) and made a few phone calls. The buzzer went off, and I didn't hear any stirring. I made the rounds to each bedroom, and this is what I found.

All of them asleep.

Great! Now they are going to be up until midnight. What the crap am I doing on the computer? I should be napping too.

I better just wake them up or Michael will be mad, because you know what Wednesday is....It's business time. Conditions are perfect.


Brandi said...

And that's why I love the pool! It exhausts everyone and I finally get a nap.

I hope you woke the kids up--because who would want to miss business time? Sure love that song!!

Kathy said...

ha ha! you really should post a pic of mason in his bed - i've seen about 3-4 pics of him sleeping on the floor. :) kidding - that's way cute that he falls asleep anywhere like that!

Jan said...

All I can tell you is I am LOL!

Holly Reed said...

That's hilarous. Now I know never to call on Wednesday nights!

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