Friday, December 21, 2007

A Table for Two

Alright, as promised, I'm posting my very favorite gift I am giving this year. Here is the story behind it.

This fall as I was driving home, there was a family bringing all sorts of great stuff out to their front yard. There was a sign that said "FREE". If anyone knows me well, I just can't pass up a good deal, and free is a great deal!!! Michael claims that, "Even if the junk is free, it is still junk." But this day, I hit the jackpot.

Right when I saw this table, I saw it's true potential. I knew that it could become a great table one day, if someone would just put some work into it. So, I took the table, some garage shelves (that are holding food storage in the garage), a boys bike (which I sold for $15), and some great camping chairs. Like I said, I hit the jackpot! I wanted to take all the rest of their stuff, but decided I might look like a total weirdo (instead of just a weirdo).

So here are some pictures of the table when I picked it up.

Here's the story behind the table, I thought it was a great story, and it adds so much to it's character. I can't believe they were giving it away. I was told this story as I was loading the table into my SUV. I actually told them that they had to keep it. They didn't, so I will continue to tell its legacy.

When the couple were dating, the husband decided that he wanted to keep this woman in his life forever. He wanted to do something special for her when he asked her to marry him. So, he bought this table and hiked it up a mountain. He then asked her to go on a hike with him. As they hiked the mountain, a friend of his was setting up the table. As they approached the table, she saw a beautiful candle lit table set with a dinner for two. As they ate at their table for two in the candle light, he asked her to marry him.

Isn't that so terribly romantic?

Here it is after I
1. Sanded
2. Primed
3. Painted
4. Top coated
5. Made cute little cushions for it

And the lucky winner of this gift goes to my mother-in-law Laree. I won't even care if she doesn't like it, then maybe I can keep it.

What is your favorite gift that you are giving???


Kathy said...

um - i'll take it if she doesn't want it. cause i'm sure you wouldn't mind shipping it up to me. heh.

wow. you did an AWESOME job - you should be very proud marisa! seriously.

Amber said...

You are really amazing! I wish I could see the potential in things the way you do!

dishes and laundry said...

That's a cool story and a beautiful table set.

The gift I'm most excited to give is for my Mom - she wanted a sifter like Martha Stewart uses...and I found it!

Hatch Building Co. said...

Double WOW - great job on the table!! And the idea...making gifts is so smart!:) I hope everyone loves the things you have made especially for them!

Syphus Family said...

Impressive! You definitely have the vision (which I lack!). If you ever decide to come out to NC I have some jobs for you....

Kristi said...

I want to come and be your apprentice. This table is so awesome! TEACH ME!

Chelsea Pratt said...

That turned out so cute, Marissa. That would actually be a fun have to find something during the year to fix up and pass on to someone else in the family...a lot more exciting than the random $20 gifts we give. Maybe just for the family gift exchange.

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