Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Making some Ornaments

These are from before Christmas, but it was part of our DIY movement.

Crayola air-dry clay....genius! No baking, no firing, and tons of fun.

My baby's chubby little hands

Sweet little princess hands.

Agile boy hands.

And here they are.
From left to right:
Michael (decided to show us all up and sculpt the real reason for Christmas) Baby Jesus
Marisa: Christmas Tree
Mason: Candy Cane
Maya: Stocking

We will soon be painting these. We intended for them to be hung on the tree, but they are made out of clay and I think they weigh about 10 lbs. each.


Hatch Building Co. said...

Amazing!! That's so funny about them being so heavy:) Maybe you guys could make new ones each year and start forming a clay-town...instead of ornaments...;)

I love your new header - way to go!!


Kathy said...

CUTE! i love the difference in the hands - those are tender pictures :)

Syphus Family said...

Wow! Great job supermom! You have such an adorable family.

Chelsea Pratt said...

Marissa, I am getting tired of you making stuff. Just relax and be lazy for a week...c'mon, I do it all the time and I am happy...except for when I look at other people's blogs and realize how much they do.

Robyn said...

What a fun activity-it looks like your kids really got into it. I love the pictures of their little hands. Maybe you could do the whole nativity next year!

marisa said...

What a great idea Robin!!! I think that is what we will do next year.


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