Tuesday, August 28, 2007

We are back from the dead!

Wow, watch out for the flu this season! It knocks you out flat for days! Thursday around noon it hit me, and I was down for the rest of the day. Michael got it on Friday and we were both worthless. Luckily Reece had only a half day of school on Friday so he could be our little slave boy and take care of us, as well as tend to Maya and Mason. What a weekend for Reece, what a trooper. He spent his weekend getting Maya and Mason food, clothing and drinks. He was also sweet enough to entertain them the best he could. Luckily today I was functioning at about 80% so I could relieve him of his slave duties, so he could go to school.

It is bad, don't get me wrong, when you have the flu. But, when you have 3 little ones, a dog, a cat, and 6 chickens to take care of as well, then it gets nasty! It is times like this that I reflect back and say, Thanks Mom and Dad! I know times were rough when you were raising us, thanks for stickin' it out!

Love you mom and dad!


dishes and laundry said...

Hope you are all feeling better soon! What a trooper Reese is. I subbed in his class today (very good student, helpful, sweet) and when I read your blog, I mentally backtracked to see how much contact I'd actually had him. I should be good - four years at the school has built up a pretty good immune system.

That's so great that he could help you out. What a trooper! Hope you're all feeling better soon.

mike & megan said...

I got the flu last year and it hit sooo fast. I was feeling below the weather in the morning and by lunch I wanted to die - really. Mike came home for lunch and I couldn't stop sobbing because the prospect of taking care of my kids while I felt that way was so horrifying! Really, I am TOTALLY getting a flu vaccine this year. It's a killer! (I guess it literally is!)

Nora Mair said...

The flu? Yuck. Good thing you had slave boy-- I was laughing out loud!

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