Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Quick Flight to L.A.

I was asked to fly to L.A. to photograph a family before their wedding anniversary party. I flew out at 10am from Salt Lake, shot for a couple of hours, and flew home on a 4pm flight. I got into L.A. , and saw the groups of people walking to the beach, and drove past Venice Beach (my favorite beach), I wished I had a couple more hours there in L.A. No, I wish I had a whole week there with my kids and hubby. Next summer, no Disneyland or Sea World for us, give me a week at the beach!

The family I took the pictures for had been married 70 years. They built the house they lived in probably 60 years ago, most of the other homes around them have been torn down and replaced with large mansions. Chris O' Donnell lives right across the street from them. I attached a picture of him in case you don't know who it is.

I wish I had my camera out during the car ride, but I didn't. So, I got it out for the plane ride. Here are a few shots from the plane.


Stephanie said...

wow. i had NO idea your business was that intense that people FLY you to other states to take their picture. cool!

marisa said...

It's not! The reality of it is... it is cheaper for them to fly a Utah photographer to where they are, than to hire a California photographer!

Kathy said...

wow indeed! that is awesome! when i first just saw the pictures before i read what you wrote - i thought maybe you took that picture of chris o'donnell - HEH. anyway - cool stuff.

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