Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Mom

I have one of those moms...

You know, one of those amazing moms. The mom that sewed all your clothes until you were 14 and you swore that you would rip your hair out if you heard her say, "oh I could make that for so much cheaper" one more time. The mom that for some reason that you still can't figure out, caught you EVERY time you snuck out of the house. Would sit on your bed and wait for you as you snuck back into your window. I'm sure she just wanted to make sure I had a good time! The kind of mother that no matter how early you had to get up for school, was up before you, had the house clean, was showered, dressed and had breakfast hot and ready for you along with your sack lunch. The mom that would do a dance to the song "Jump" for a church talent show and practiced singing and dancing with her walkman. Oh...and a dance to Abba's song Mama Mia with enormous Hershey Kisses, (get it? Mama Mia, here I go again, my, my, how can I resist you?)

The type of mom that desperately HATES having her picture taken, so it takes you an hour just to find one of her.
One of those moms that would turn on Ann Murray in the kitchen and make you dance with her. The type of mom that no matter how old you are, you can call her crying when you are sick and she always feels bad for you. The kind of mom that flies out a few times a year to see her grandkids. The type of mom that laughs so hard that she cries at a good poop joke. The type of mom that takes her trials and learns from them. The mom that has unshakable faith.

The type of mom that will never tell you what she wants for her birthday, and always says, "I just want obedient children."

I love you mom, have a Happy Birthday!


Jennifer said...

Ah-hah! So that explains where you got YOUR amazing qualities. This is a very sweet tribute. I hope your mom gushes inside reading it.

Kristi said...

Man, I don't even know your mom but I'm a big blubbery mess! I want to be that kind of mom. It breaks my heart because right now I turn on music and ask my kids to dance with me and they give me scowls and run out of the room. It's hard to not let that dampen my spirit, but it sounds like if I persevere my kids will appreciate it one day!

Happy Birthday Marisa's mom! I sure admire your daughter and can only imagine how much I would admire you!

megan said...

Happy Birthday Sandy! I love you too.

Melissa said...

Wow, your post made me get teary-eyed! She sounds AMAZING! Made me realize what I crap, boring mom I am! I need to step it up so someday my kid can say those things! Love the post

Tay and Teigan said...

You do have an amazing mom!

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