Friday, February 5, 2010

Get Your Head in the Game

Gotta, gettcha gettcha gettcha head in the game.

Reece gets really embarrassed and annoyed when I sing that song from High School Musical. Hey, that's my job as his mom, to embarrass him.

Reece is really talented on defense.

Because of this, he sometimes is teamed up with someone that may have a height advantage, as you can see in the picture below.

Hey buddy, go back to 8th grade, this is a 3rd/4th grade team.

At least we have a speed advantage on him when playing offense.All in all our team did really well!
We were unstoppable,
just check out the score.
Can you believe it?!?!?
Well don't, the score keeper was to busy talking on his cell phone to keep accurate score. It was really 10 to 2.


Suzanne said...

I bet you are the best cheering mom out there! He's says your embarrasing, but really he loves it. Holy Canoly, who let the 8th grader play. What are they feeding that kid? Man, as I was looking at your pictures, I was having flash backs of the old Kearns gym. Both of them! I use to spend many hours over at that high school. You, know the old baton days? Good times, good times! Hope you are having a fabulous weekend! -Suzanne

Leighanne said...

hahahahahah, i love this post! i can't believe how big that kid is, it's too bad he had no idea about reece's awesomeness. and i fully support you in your embarrassment endeavors as parents

janie said...

HAHAHAHA!!! That is so funny! Reece deserves an award for staying on that giant. I woulda cried. Maybe they should quit with the age stipulations and go to a weight/height kinda thing. Those are great pics tho. I wish you could be here to take pics of my kids every move!

Holly Reed said...

Wow that kid is huge. Mason is a stud to be holding his own against him. The score was hilarious.

Melissa said...

Guess I better learn those "cool" songs before my kids get older! Love the score!

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