Monday, January 4, 2010

When It's Time to Change, You've got to Rearrange

If you didn't catch the reference to the Brady Bunch reference in the title, I so kindly left you the 'you tube' video below.

With that said, Moondoggie Photography is making a few changes of it's own, and there is no better time than at the beginning of the year. Not only for tax reasons, but it seems that everyone is inspired and ready to push forward full speed ahead.

Megan and I have been friends since I first met her at a birthday party 20 years ago when I first moved to Texas. We have had a lot of the same interests over the years, (surprisingly enough, never in the same guy) but photography has been a common interest over the past 6 or more years. Megan was in Texas, I in Utah. We both started our businesses at the same time with the same equipment, and with daily phone calls we shared all our photography secrets and business ideas. When Megan moved to Utah, it just seemed right that we would abandon our old businesses and start one together.

The journey building Moondoggie Photography has been amazing! We have both had a great time and learned a lot in the process. But, it is time for a change. We found that coordinating the business aspects, managing a website and blog, managing the finances, and driving an hour round trip between our homes took away from the time we could be talking about how to be better photographers. We lost all that we loved about our businesses because we were "coordinating".

Marisa will be keeping Moondoggie Photography, and Megan will be reinstating Megan Knorpp Photography. We are happy to say that Megan and I agreed that there won't be any awkwardness between the two of us. So, if you are a previous client of mine, and want to give Megan's a try, I won't be offended, and visa versa.

Megan and I are still calling each other every day exchanging tips and ideas. My phone rang today, and my son Reece said, "it is either dad, or Megan", it was Megan. We are still planning on doing weddings together as well. So if you book a wedding with one of us, you can pretty much plan on seeing the other. Most importantly, we are still working vigorously on our Joyography Workshop! We will be giving away a scholarship to our workshop, so start thinking of all the reasons YOU deserve it.


Kristi said...

Woohoo! I am way excited about the scholarship idea! Best of luck to both you and Megan, you both take beautiful pictures! Speaking of pictures, I should probably call one of you to take some of my rascally children before they grow another inch!

Holly | Reed Photographic said...

You mean coordinating two creative individuals when both work at home and have 3 or 4 kids wasn't simple?? I am glad to hear it didn't ruin your friendship and I can completely see why it was no picnic in term of the practicality.

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