Saturday, January 9, 2010

Feeding Fiasco

Hey mom, did you see who grabbed my spoon and thinks they are going to feed me?
Yeah, Mason, the kid that can't even remember to flush the toilet,
The one that calls me "Big Fella",
The one that thinks he is going to be a Power Ranger when he grows up,
The kid that is ONLY FOUR YEARS OLD!

I guess I will give this a try.

Not bad, I think he's got it.

Look what he's done to my face!

Mom, you seriously are going to let this continue?

Check out this ridiculous face he is making!

You are just going to stand there taking pictures the entire time?

You don't need to put the spoon in my esophagus.

Only one of us is enjoying this!

OK, now I'm just getting mad.

What do you mean say ahhh? I just need to open my mouth.


Can we be done here?

Nothing like a full belly, no matter how the job gets done!


Leighanne said...

haha, i love it!

RightHahn said...

how perfect is that?!?!

k.m. said...

babies grow up too fast! she's getting so big and can't believe your growing man! which means I'm only getting older :(

Christy said...

Fun, You need to print that one off and make it into a little picture book!

Jennifer said...

These are the most precious pictures in the world! How'd you get that vintage look?

I have a picture of Kyle feeding Emma, then another about eight years later of James feeding Samuel. I realized my boys were wearing the exact same shirt!

marisa said...

Christy, I'm hoping this is the year that I actually get all my pictures printed and in an album. Making a book might set me off course.

Jennifer, in photoshop you just turn your picture to black and white. Then in color balance add yellows and reds until you get the affect you like. Hope that helps!

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