Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Joy-ography Workshop

My business partner Megan and I joined photography forces over a year ago when she moved to Utah. It just felt right for both of us to work together. We both started getting into photography years ago, while she was in Texas and I was here in Utah. We started talking almost daily about cameras, new techniques, books to read, business plans, photography prices, websites and everything in between. We both had the same cameras when we first started, and we both were ready to upgrade cameras at the same time, so again we got the same camera. It was great to learn along side someone.

When she moved out here, there was no question in my mind that I wanted to get rid of "Portaits by Marisa" and start "Moondoggie Photography." We had a blast getting the ball rolling, coming up with a business name, logo, and philosophy. Megan and I have been best friends since 5th grade, and we were always plotting and planning something big.

Megan and I had something that many other budding photographers don't have, we had each other. When she would learn a new trick or technique, she would call and tell me and I did the same for her. I also had an amazing group of women photographers that would meet periodically to do the same thing. I was so lucky! I was able to learn so much quicker than learning everything on my own, book by book. I read tons of books, but the tried and true tricks of my fellow photographers were what really helped me the most.

Megan and I have been approached for help by many budding photographers whether they want to improve pictures on their blogs, want to be able to take "professional" looking pictures of their kids, or even wanting to become professional photographers. With a lot of thought and preparation, we decided that we wanted to help others learn the things that took us so long to figure out, all in just one day.

We came up with Joy-ography Workshops. You can go to our Moondoggie Blog for information as well as a new Joy-ography Workshop Blog dedicated to the website.

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Alison said...

I wish I lived closer to you guys - my friend and I have been discussing cameras for the last few months on how horrible even the simplest picture turns out with our point-n-soot cameras. I would love to be able to take GREAT photos with a GREAT camera to help. If you ever want to do a workshop in Phoenix, let me know!

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