Sunday, October 11, 2009

You'd Think We Were In A Student Ward

9 of the 11 babies born this year so far in my ward.


Kristi said...

Nice! It was so weird when I had Ivy! No one in the ward had had a baby for about six months and no one else did for about four months after she was born...very randomly isolated!

And, um, not sure how to say this, but you are so beautiful! Seriously, have you thought of taking up supermodeling?

; )

Hey, I would love to come visit you. I can bring the chips and salsa! Did you ever move?

This is turning to more of an email than a blog comment, sorry : )

Christy said...

Too bad I am not due till next year. My kid won't have anyone to play with!

Leighanne Johnson said...

holy cow! that's a ton! i love that picture! you know, when we moved out here after being at BYU Idaho, i thought i'd be the only one pregnant here.... but no, there will be 19 babies born in the ward this year! relief society is like a hospital nursery!

Alison said...

That's awesome - all those girls and only a few boys! A bunch of cute babies and proud moms! Our ward looks like that too. We have 4 nursery classes and one unofficial class of pre-18 months who rule the hallways during class... :) Cute picture!

marisa said...

Kristi, I totally want to hang out, especially if you keep up the compliments!

Christy, our babies will be close enough that we will be doing playdates, don't worry!

Leighanne, really 19 babies?!?!?! How fun for you and Maggie.

Jennifer said...

What a fun thing to document, and such hot mamas! (especially that one in the black boots). I can't believe how much the ward has turned over, though.

We had a big wave of babies the year Samuel was born. The first baby of that year came in May. By his birth in August he was number 9. They're all in nursery now -- crazy!

Holly | Reed Photographic said...

Student ward or rabbit pen! ;-)

The Bach 9 1/2 ! said...

So great to have a picture to remember! When I moved in our ward here there were almost 20 babies born that year I think. That was when I had Travis. Congrats to you all!!

Dan and Dee said...

It must be a loud ward!

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