Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Speaking of girls camp.....

I don't have many pictures from my earlier years at camp, so I will show what I do have.....

Those famous braids that started the braid revolution at Camp Liahona.
It started with just one little first year named Marisa with her hair in braids. Each year more and more girls caught the spirit of the braids, until it almost became part of the dress code.

See what I mean?

And I think that everyone who has ever been to girls camp went on a "snipe hunt". Kathy is being attacked by those snipes, you really have to watch out for them, they are dangerous!

Dee Jones- what a trooper!
Me and Kathy, I'm not sure what is on her face. Why aren't we in the pool, it was probably like 110 degrees outside.

Oh, and it never got old to TP someone's cabin. But, I think the highlight of our camp experience was the search for the largest bra in camp, find a way to get it, and run it up the flag pole. Boy, that was ALWAYS funny. (Notice the bra hanging with the toilet paper)

My sister Lins. Notice my "shady ladys" shirt. I loved that shirt.

Sorry to sell you out ladies:
From left to right, Theresa, Meghan, Stephanie and Kathy (the 3 on the right comment on this blog)

My sister on the right with her buddies.

Oh, and the great skits our leaders came up with. Seriously!!! We had amazing talented leaders who helped us rock the house down.

Not sure what the war paint was for, but we probably were about to make some trouble, or we just finished making trouble.

OK, I can't believe I don't have ANY pictures of Megan A., Cathe J., or Christine R. in here. They were my main partners in crime. But, Like I said, I don't have pictures from the early camp years.

Here are a few of my favorite moments at girls camp...

Cathe and I broke into the mess hall and got on the microphone that broadcasts over the whole camp and sang this song.
Grow little boobies bigger bigger,
I want a brand new figure figure,
I want to look like Marlyn Monroe
Grow little boobies, grow grow grow.
I think at that point Sister Caruth sprinted into the mess hall and confiscated the microphone.

Another great moment was when Cathe and I decided to scare the girls that had to be in tents. So, we were running from tent to tent shaking the tents and screaming to scare the girls. When we were running away from the tent we attacked, I tripped. I was laughing so hard that I wet my pants. I think I won the "depends" award that year, and was given a few diapers when we got home.

I think all the Young Women Leaders of Kingwood First Ward from the years to 1991-1997 all have a huge castles waiting for them up in heaven, just for putting up with all of us.


Kathy said...

OH MY GOSH. wow - so much prettiness. i have a TON of megan at camp - pretty ones of course. lemme see if i can find some. then i'll blog them too. these all brought back so many hilarious memories. oh, and that is mud on my face. steph and i made mud masks from the "mud" (more like cakey sand) in the creek. awesome, i know.

Stephanie said...

MARISA TOLMAN JOHNSON - you are DEAD. i'm SO going to find my camp pictures and posting the WORST ones of you...oh wait, there are no "worst pictures" of you cause you always looked like a supermodel even in the nasty heat of July in Texas.

But seriously, I am laughing so hard at all those pictures...oh man, so many memories. And, the stuff that's caked on Kathy's face in a mud mask we made from sand in the creek bed. Nasty? Yeah.

Stephanie said...

okay- the duplicate mud mask explanation is what you get for moderating your comments. :)

i forgot one thing: I'm positive Dee Jones would KILL you for posting that picture. remember how she used to threaten us with our lives if we even so much as pointed the camera in her direction?

marisa said...

I'm hoping that Dee will see this on my blog! Can you believe she wore a dress to girls camp? What were you thinking Dee?

Anyways Stephanie, didn't you see the pictures of me? They ARE horrible! No need to look any further.

Up next are canoe trip pictures. Don't worry ladies, none of the nudey pictures will be posted.

Kathy said...

canoe trip ones, eh? do you have the one of steph's barbie body under water? or was that you?

dishes and laundry said...

Love the boobie song, the braids and the pictures.
Never take your bra off at camp!

Stephanie said...

my mom says she'll take bribes to "not remember" canoe trip stories...

dj said...

Okay girls, here I am, and YES I did see the picture! What was I thinking wearing a dress not just to girl's camp but EVERYWHERE I went? Living in Russia has cured me of that!!! I don't want my back end frozen off so I now wear pants, (Oh if Kingwood could see me now!)
I am glad that Stephanie remembers I told y'all I better not see any of the pictures from me from girl's camp anywhere public...where has the integrity gone???
If I ever see the one where you girls put my hair in tiny pony tails, that is when you will hear me all the way from Russia to America! Hmmm I probably shouldn't say that b/c it is a sure fire way someone will find and post it. Guess the challenge is on and I hope no one accepts it!
Love you guys! Loved girl's camp with all y'all!!!!

mike & megan said...

I wasn't going to post since I'm not really part of this......... what's up with no pictures of me and christine? Actually Christine got in the first on on the far right if you look close. And Lindsay? Just kidding though. Ahhh.... camp. I was so bummed to hear the girls in KW1 saying how much they hated that camp until they actually won and now go to a really nice camp with air conditioned cabins. My fav memories are:

1. Every year being in love with the pool guy Jim because he was the only male within miles - AND he had his shirt off and had a good body.(Who marisa later went to his prom with - which deserves it's own post)
2. Being sooo hot that we had to sit in the freezer and not knowing that the leaders were struggling to figure out why everything was melting in there - I guess our hot buttocks were the reason. Susie Mathews eventually caught us and the problem went away.
3. Finding a certain relative of Kathy's painting her friend's bum-cheeks with nail polish to try and help with chiggers.
4. The night of the fourth year hike - EVERYTHING about it - from Marisa stealing Christine's sleeping bag so that Christine started that school year with dirty nail polish spots covering her arms to me literally thinking the end of the world had arrived because the stars were falling from the sky - only to have everyone in unison reveal to me that they were just fire-flys.

Hatch Building Co. said...

Hey Marisa...

I love the camp pictures - even if I'm not in any of them:) Actually Meg and I should love them more because we're NOT in them, right?

Randy recently made a DVD for me with a bunch of these sort of pictures. There's one of Megan, Kathy and me that is Camp Liahona's answer to Charlie's Angels....need I say more?

Thanks for posting all of those - and for all the great memories at camp. You all made camp amazingly fun!!

Remember using water balloons to try and pee like boys and seeing how far away from the urinals we could stand - and Sister Stewart coming in only to turn right back around with a mixture of embarrassment and laughter...'Give me a hug bug'...she's too much!


Julie said...

oh my goodness, I don't even know how I stumbled across your blog Marisa - or if you will even see this comment since this is such an old post - but I LOVED seeing these pictures. I'm digging your backyard farming blog too - if only I had a backyard!

-Julie (Randle) Davis

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