Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Great Pumpkin Carve

It's officially tradition now, this is our third year carving pumpkins with our neighbors. This year Reece and Hailey wanted to be actively involved in carving the pumpkins. As I was watching them, I was convinced we were going to have a trip to the emergency room. Somehow we had misplaced the safe pumpkin knife, so we were using steak knives. Note, it's not a good idea to let a 7 year old boy carve a pumpkin with a real knife. Twice I had to tell Reece to get his fingers off the blade of the knife as he was sawing away.

Maya and Kenzie were more concerned that they each approved of each other's pumpkins. As April and I would say, "do you want round eyes or triangle eyes?" They would look at each other for validation on their choice. You will notice, they both ended up with the same design.

I'm not sure what they are doing in the pictures below, but they sure had a good time, and that is all that matters when you are carving a pumpkin.


Kathy said...

what a fun tradition to do with friends! yes - hannah wanted to carve her own this year - uh, no.

Nora Mair said...

So cute! Do some of them have three eyes?

dishes and laundry said...

Love the pumpkins - glad everyone's fingers are safe!!!!

And in the top picture, they are totally being all gangsta! Aaron will pose like that sometimes. Do they learn this at school?

Looks like they had a blast.

The Wallins said...

ahhh! we missed out! :)

Robyn said...

What creative kids. Such spooky jack-o-lanterns.

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