Tuesday, October 2, 2007

We Witch you a Happy Halloween

Michael and I took the kids to Gardner Village (cute little boutiques all in old historic homes) to see all the witches they display in October. They have pumpkins everywhere and fun witches like the one Maya is standing next to.

This is how Mason felt about the whole experience.

Then, we splurged and got them each a 15 cent candy cane from 'Sweet Aftons'. Look at Mason now. Of course Michael and I had to hurry and get some fudge while the kids weren't looking.


hello on fifth avenue said...

Why did you invite me and cameron, We also what candy!

Kathy said...

cute, and fun! i had to laugh about you and michael sneaking in fudge. matt and i have to do that a lot too :)

dishes and laundry said...

Love the fudge at Sweet Afton's! I usually buy the little sampler packet - there's a ton of fudge in there. The boys will each get a piece and then Oh Darn!, the rest has nuts. Sorry boys...remember, you don't like nuts. Sigh...I guess I'll eat it.

The young women are going there next week to see the witches.

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