Monday, March 15, 2010

Chickens Riding Motorcycles

We have a new contest over at backyard farming. Head on over to check it out!


Vanalee said...

Seriously...I saw this done with pigs in Cambodia.

Melissa said...

ok I'm ignoring this post because it makes me want to throw-up a little ;)

Question. I was wanting you to take our family pictures in May or June, Well then the accident happened. (pictures to come on my blog) and I had to chop my I want to wait a few extra months now. August or so. BUT here's the thing...Elsie is 1 today and since we were going to do family pictures so soon, I didn't want to pay to get her done twice. SO my question is, do you do a cheaper session for 1 kid for like 20-30 min? If not, no biggie.

I need to schedule a time for you to do our family pictures in the late summer. Prob August. Just trying to figure out the whole "when will I get pregnant" thing!

and last. the link to your photo blog doesn't work. I think you have some extra *## in it. :)

張筱惠 said...


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