Monday, December 7, 2009

Ahhhh Thanksgiving

I realize I'm posting my Thanksgiving post way late, all the savvy bloggers have their Thanksgiving musings up the day after Thanksgiving. Not I.


Our Thanksgiving story starts with an ugly turkey I drew and feathers that hold things we are grateful for. Mason is very thankful for robots and sea monsters, oh how they have touched our lives! What would we do without them?

This year, was the best Thanksgiving EVER! Alas, Reece and I are both glad it is over so that we can start enjoying Christmas. You see, we believe in keeping our holidays pure. If it is Halloween, let's enjoy Halloween, when it is Thanksgiving time, I just want to focus on Thanksgiving. Reece and I had to roll our eyes, complain, and banter back and forth about retailers not letting us enjoy our holidays one at a time. Why do I have to start listening to Christmas music in October?

Now, onto the pictures and boring details of our Thanksgiving....

Last year we went to Golden Corral for our Thanksgiving meal. It was great, everyone got to eat what they wanted, while nobody had to slave for hours in the kitchen cooking (Michael) and nobody had to spend hours cleaning up (me). So, it was decided, Golden Corral again this year. The sign says it all.


We did have a few pity invites from well intentioned friends. When they heard that we were going to Golden Corral for Thanksgiving we would get the invite to their cousin's, uncle's, twice removed aunt Marsha's house for dinner, and they were sure nobody would mind. What they didn't understand was that although it is really "white trash" to go, it was a choice. It wasn't our only option. Each day leading up to the "big day", we would all make our personal "play list" of what we were going to eat....I'll start with the pizza, then move to steak. Steak, how many people get to say they had steak?


It was just great to be together as a family, and with all the "interesting" people there with us, it felt just like being with extended family.




Why is it that I can't ever get all of my kids to look good in a picture? We have Maya daydreaming in one, and Mason complaining that he doesn't want more pictures in the other. They are children of a photographer, they should know to just grin and bear it!

After our meal, we went to see Fantastic Mr. Fox, which was just that....fantastic. The kids are still talking about their favorite parts and acting them out. We hurried and read the book before we went to go see it. The movie is better than the book, rare, I know.


The day didn't end there, oh no. We got some free tickets from my friend Janis to the Jazz game and just couldn't pass them up.

Reece and Michael obviously didn't hear the memo that they were supposed to pretend to be cheering.



It was one of these rare, and I mean RARE days that everything was just dreamy and wonderful. The kids didn't fight or cry, they said, "Thank You", we laughed, we ate, and we loved it all.


Kristi said...

Hey! I was at that Jazz game too! I can't believe you didn't mention the guy that "won" a million dollars : ) That was the highlight of our Thanksgiving!

I admire you for just doing what you want on Thanksgiving. That was one thing I loved about being in Texas, just doing our own thing.

We have friends who BBQ steaks every year for Thanksgiving, it's awesome.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who can't get a decent picture of all of my kids : )

Jennifer said...

So fun! I want to know what the red feather on the right says. I'm thinking "pets" -- but I can't get over my initial sideways interpretation of "pexs" and I really want to know what I'm missing! And what are you talking about not getting a good picture of all the kids? I think Mason's expression is priceless.

Holly | Reed Photographic said...

Fun fun. I love that you just buck tradition and have blast your own way. We hosted again this year for the third year running but we finally got smart and gave out food assignments. MUCH less work for us.

Vanalee said...

The whole point is making memories. I have great memories of Thanksgiving with your family in Kingwood but I think it may have been after you were married.

marisa said...

Kristi, we left before the guy won the fake million dollars. I'm glad I wasn't there for that part, I think jokes like that are so mean! BUT, do you remember the kid that won a year supply of Powerade for making the basket? That was one of Reece's buddies.

Jennifer, Maya wrote "Pets" but sometimes her t's look more like x's.

Holly, where have you been? I miss reading your blog!

Sister C, I think you have great memories of Thanksgiving with my family, BECAUSE I wasn't there!

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