Monday, June 8, 2009

First Race

Reece and I were running together and were planning on running a 5K together. I hit about 6 months pregnant and had to stop running. Reece would get bugged with me because I was to slow. I would yell to him , yards ahead of me, "Let's see you run with a watermelon in your shirt while pushing Mason in the stroller." There were a few times I had him push Mason just so I could have a break, then the guilt set in and I would push Mason again.

I signed Reece up for a 2K instead of a 5k, and I was just a spectator. I just love the excitement of race day!
I get butterflies in my stomach just looking at a starting line.
At this point I'm choking back the tears watching my boy running his first race.
Right here I'm embarrassing Reece completely as I'm screaming his name, I can't help it.
Here, you can imagine a pregnant woman, running along side her son, screaming his name, while trying to take his picture. Awesome!
At this point, I stopped running, I didn't want to wet my pants.

And Mason had to show us how fast he could run.
Of course the best part was the free hot chocolate and girl scout cookies at the end. We are pretty sure Reece placed 3rd in his age division, but it was too cold to wait around for the awards ceremony.


The Tolmans said...

wow Reece! You are faster than me! CONGRATS!

Robyn said...

Great job Reece!! That is so cool.

The Bach 9 1/2 ! said...

Super Job!! How are you feeling these days? The Temple Celebration was fantastic!!

megan said...

I am so jealous - will you do that for me in my race in August?

RightHahn said...

Fabulous!! He's got goooooood genes for running:) lucky....


marisa said...

Megan, I will definately come take pictures for you, do you want the tears and screaming as well?

Stephanie said...

how awesome do i feel that reese can run farther than i can?

but seriously- that is so cool!

Stephanie said...

sorry-- reece, not reese. :)

Dan and Dee said...

Way to go Reece! Way to go Marisa-love that you ran alongside getting excited. I have NEVER done that in a race...HA!
Cheer 'em on I say!

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