Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Aprils Homeschool Field trip

Our April field trip was a tour of the capitol building. I wasn't really that excited about this one, especially since our last field trip was so much fun. But, if you haven't ever taken a tour, I would recommend that you take one. It was very interesting for me as well as the kids.

The House of Representatives:
Did you know that for the state of Utah, they are only in session for 45 days? The representatives all have other jobs. Hmmm.... maybe I will run for office one day.

The Senate:
The desks are original to the capitol and were not replaced in the remodel.

The architecture and paintings were just beautiful! They better be, after 4 years and millions of dollars of renovation!


stressedkris said...

Look at you the amazing mom a field trip every month! I haven't taken the tour although it is a very inspiring place to be. I thought once about running for office too. But I decided I wouldn't make a good rep/senator because so much comes across their desk in 45 days that they can't research it all. I would want all the facts and research it so much before I voted that I would never accomplish anything.

megan said...

Nice images. Looks like fun.

Kim said...

What a fun opportunity!

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