Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pictures from the triathlon

From Left to Right:
Veronica (Amber's sister), Amber, Me, Nora

This is my spot in the transition area, this is about 1/2 hour before the start.

Nora coming out of the water.

Nora starting her run


The Tolmans said...

WOW Marisa! You are offically my idol! we are so proud of you. Cam and I want in next year!

Aly said...

You are AMAZING!!! My brother does triathlons, usually one per month! I don't know how to swim yet, but I am starting an adult swim class soon:)

I found your blog through Tami's, I hope you don't mind. I am excited to get to know you guys! See ya Friday!

jeremyandleslie said...

Wow, congrats on doing that! I'm thoroughly impressed!

Rich and Nichole said...

I am so impressed! I am just amazed. I am left without words. I worship you and Nora. Way to go. Way to push yourselves. Way to make being a mom look so awesome!

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