Friday, May 2, 2008

Flash Back Friday: Jada

It was about 5 years ago that we got Jada. I have this freakish thing where I have to get an animal every time I'm pregnant. I got a cat named Cooper while pregnant with Reece, Jada while pregnant with Maya, and our cat Charlise for Michael while pregnant with Mason. I don't recommend getting a puppy when pregnant. It was like having 2 newborns and having to potty train one of the newborns, but it was worth it. Jada has been a great dog for our family. We trained her while she was young to go down the slide, and she will still perform this trick, it gets lots of laughs at the park.
She is so smart, and really good with the kids. They climb all over her, and occasionally she will give out a pathetic yelp to let me know she is sick of it.
She is a great running partner for me, if I get up early and get my running shoes on, her tail starts spinning like a helicopter and I have to let her outside or she will wake everyone up because she is so excited.
She still sleeps on this bed I made her, she now fills up the whole thing and will usually hang her head off the bed.

We love you Jada, Happy 5th Birthday!


Kristi said...

What breed is Jada anyways? She is beautiful and such a fun addition to your family. I was insane enough to get two puppies while pregnant, that was insanity. She's a cute dog!

marisa said...

We were told she is a boxer lab mix. I can see that she has boxer in her, she has boxer markings.

Yes, that is insane to get TWO puppies while pregnant. No wonder you were debating weather or not to give one away.

m. & m. said...

I am the same way while pregnant and even though i had the baby this post is dangerous for me to read. i've been perusing craigslist for cats for months now...

i'm sure these first few postpartum weeks will cure me of that.

Dan and Dee said...

I'm not a pet person but your dog is cute!
Clinton just got a yellow (he's more white than yellow) lab. They got the dog b/c someone abandoned it. What a soft heart...I must be hard hearted--I would just say, "Oh look, there's a puppy!" on.

Kathy said...

dee - HA HA HA! your comment made me laugh.

jada is so cute. i like big dogs. we really want a dog - but my rule is no babies in the house when we get one. i can't do both at once. so in a few years we are hoping to get a lab.

The Peake Family said...

Marissa, Im going private so send me your e-mail address so I can send you an invite. My e-mail address is the Thanks, Sumar

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